Ayurveda Survival & Permaculture Taster Week End

Ayurveda Survival & Permaculture Taster Weekend

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Amazing News ...

So it's time to share some amazing news ~ I have partnered with the fabulous Permaculture guru Sharon Girardi who owns the land she calls Beavers Haven in the deep natural permaculture reserve high in the beautiful mountains close to Machynlleth.

We are going to be doing an Ayurveda Survival Permaculture Weekend taster course. 

Want to learn how the other half lives, I don't mean what society calls the privileged ... wealthy, materialistic, indulgent ones ...!

I mean the much more privileged ones who live off the land, care for the land, improve the land and provide the land and its wildlife with surroundings of natural incredible beauty.

 An opportunity to learn about freedom ....Want to join us, only 12 people in an amazingly relaxing, recharging but learning wkend? 

You will learn to grow and care for your own gardens, pots, and small spaces, you will cook Ayurveda with the food you pick and sleep in the most beautiful surroundings. You will learn about how to survive in the coming times. We will chant, meditate and do magic on the land, this will be an experience not to miss.

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The dates will be the last wk of Sept ...

Arriving Frid eve 23rd

Sat 24th

Sun 25th leaving around 4 latest. 

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Connecting the ancient principles of Ayurveda with practical and magical permaculture theories.  

Many people have realised of late the precarious nature of modern life and the dependence we have upon external systems for our food, water, and fuel. This 2-day course is designed to empower you about food production, garden planning, inner resilience, cooking, and spiritual practices.

With enough ‘tools’ and confidence to make the ‘leap’ to freedom, we can become more responsible for our own needs and those of our families and communities without ‘the system’ :0

  • Putting necessary infrastructures into place and getting your garden started
  • How and when to harvest produce, store and plan for continuous crops
  • Preparing your produce
  • Cooking Ayurveda Survival Food

This is a taster weekend and we are attempting to fit a huge amount into a short space, there will not be enough time to go into all these areas in great detail. However, participants will get a good overview, of how they interconnect and which areas need further personal research.

All members of the course will be asked to bring along notebooks and a camera (if possible) for recording the many areas that we will cover during this experience.

Weekend Structure


Arrival Evening

3 – 7 pm Settle into accommodation, shared light supper. Informal chat until 7 pm. Meditation to bring in the magic of nature devas. Relax, your own time, and explore for fun and enchantment. Discuss weekend, housekeeping, etc. Each accommodation has its own self-catering for making drinks.

Day 1

  • Free morning, simply laid out buffet breakfast in the community room.
  • 10 am: Introductions to the group – Why we are here and what do we each want from the course? Setting an intention for our day in nature. Sharon and Vani.
  • 11 am:  Educational Tour of the grounds with permaculture expert Sharon.
  • 12 pm: Gathering food from the garden for lunch with Sharon and Ayurveda Master Vani/Linda.
  • 1 pm: Preparing and cooking and eating lunch. Ayurveda food chanting, with Vani.
  • 2.30 pm: Satchitananda Freedom / Meditation with Vani.
  • 3 pm: Continued educational tour of the area with Sharon.
  • 4 pm: Free time for rest.
  • 5 pm: Soil health, no-dig concepts, breaking ‘new’ ground, mulching, creating windbreaks with Sharon.
  • 6 pm: Preparing evening meal and supper with Sharon and Vani and any questions.
  • 7.30 pm: Inner work before bed, creating dreams. End of day 1


Day 2

  • Free morning, simply laid out buffet breakfast in the community room.
  • 10 am : Morning intention Satchitanada with Vani
  • 10. 30 am : Compost making. Seed saving and successive sowings. Labeling. Practical seed sowing, discussing soil compaction, what the seed is ‘saying’ ( size and shape), strong root systems, temperature, moisture (leaving space), and seed/seedling pests, with Sharon.
  • 12.30 pm: Demonstration and lunch with Vani.
  • 2 pm: Weeds’ (are they helpful?) and useful companion plants. Are flowers pointless?
  • 3 pm: Questions, about what we have learned/understood.
  • 4 pm: Keeping in touch, book lists, seed suppliers. Finish and leave.

Fees and Accommodation 

Initial trial prices, book as soon as possible as we expect high demand.

Course fee is £200 per person (excluding accommodation) 

Accommodation Includes all Food & Drink

There is a range of options on-site for 2 nights, all are shared separate properties  ~

  • The Haven ~ 2 people x 2 nights £100 per person 
  • Lavender Cottage ~ 2 people x 2 nights £80 per person
  • Narnia Cottage ~ 2 people x 2 nights £65 per person
  • Timber Cabin ~ 2 people x 2 nights £60 per person
  • Rustic Cottage  ~ shared dormitory in bunks ~ 4 people x 2 nights £40 per person 

Early Booking is essential 

We ask that all participants bring non-toxic biodegradable soaps and shampoo to protect the ‘good’ bacteria in our septic system and to prevent any toxins from running into the land and beaver habitat.

To book your place or get your questions answered


BREATHE.... Be still ... Satchitananda 🙏🏻




Linda Bretherton

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