Therapeutic Svedhana Using Ginger

Therapeutic Svedhana Using Ginger 


The term “Swedhana” is used in Ayurvedic treatments to describe treatments which involve sweating. Many people use it specifically to refer to one Swedhana treatment, the closed steam box. ... This word is derived from the Sanskrit word swid, which means “to sweat.”
Adding to your body care and attention svedhana is a wonderful home self-treatment. It's so easily performed and gives great benefits to the body. 

Home treatments removes toxins

Svedhana is best for balancing Vata and Kapha in the body, as a Pitta type it is less helpful. Although I love to do it yet I am careful not to overdo it. Vata and Kapha can do it every day for a week and it will encourage the removal of toxins, expelling them through the tiny pores of the skin along with released sweat. Be aware when you do this as it will increase circulation and you can feel light-headed, don't overdo it.

  • Svedhana also reduces inflammation.
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Removes lethargy.
  • Stimulates the fat tissues.
  • Helps to relieve stress.

Svedhana, is a great compliment to any cleanse to help detoxify the system on a deeper level.  

The Way to do Svedhana with Ginger

The best methods to do this are either by taking a ginger bath, sauna or steam.  Since dryness is prevalent in the Fall, it is helpful to do the oil massage directly before or after the sweating to avoid drying out the body (especially with a dry sauna).  

Grate a 3-inch piece of ginger and wrap it in a cotton cloth like a bolus, fill your bath with hot water, of course, choose your own heat, but you should have the water slightly hotter than you may have a relaxing bath. But not unbearable!!

Add the ginger bolus and swish around in the water. For a more potent bath, you can heat the bolus in a pan of water that has been brought to the bolus and simmered for 15 mins, then add this water and the bolus to the bath water.

Sit for at least 15 mins, longer if you can and experience the body beginning to sweat.

Wrap yourself up in a warm robe and straight to bed, for best benefits.

You will continue to sweat throughout the night.

Have a warm shower in the morning.

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Linda Bretherton

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