Sadhana of Ghee

Sadhana of Making Ghee


Written and prepared by Mother Maya, this is the most comprehensive instructions for making ghee in the way of Sadhana. 

Please do not give these details to others as they are copyright sensitive unless you include all Wise Earth Ayurveda references as seen below. 

Wise Earth Ayurveda®
Sadhana of Making Ghee

Mother Earth

Mother informs that ghee is the golden elixir of life. When prepared an imbibed in the spirit of sadhana –reverential practice- ghee elevates inner consciousness, strengthens ojas, the body’s primordial immunological force, reducing fatigue and stress while aiding the body to let go of its toxicities.

When this sadhana practiced as a meditation, miraculous healing can occur. 
Vedic Seers considered milk to be the most sattvic (peace-producing) food for humankind. The cruel practices engaged in minding the animals, as well as the arsenal of poisons, chemicals, and hormones which are used in their feed, all contribute to the misery of this beneficial animal, the impairment of her life-sustaining milk and the dimming of her natural Divine Light.

But when butter, yogurt and ghee are made from milk produced by conscious organic dairy farmers, they are considered to be our most nourishing and healing foods. Among them, ghee stands out as the elixir for excellent health.

According to Wise Earth Ayurveda® the sadhana of ghee is associated with the body’s element of love. Its dominant action allows it to soothe our vital tissues. Accommodating to all doshas, metabolic types, it restores Agni (digestive fire) allowing the body to adjust to its newly attuned state of revitalization.



  • Elevates inner consciousness
  • Strengthens ojas (the body’s primordial immunological force
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Reduces stress
  • Vehicle for conveying herbal powders, essences & medicines into
  • affected tissues
  • Enlivens vital tissue memory
  • Soothes the body, mind & spirit
  • Enriches the voice to bring forth personal sound
  • Aids body to let go of toxicities
  • Procedure:

Perform Ghee-Making as a cosmic sound meditation. Feast body, mind and spirit with the aroma and sounds of this golden nourishment.


• 1 lb organic sweet raw butter (unsalted)


  • 1 medium-size medium size stainless steel saucepan Camphor/dhupa
  • (for food offering)
  •  stainless steel tablespoon 1 gas stove
  • 1 stainless steel strainer with handle 1 gas canister
  • 1 stainless steel bowl (to hold unwrapped butter sticks)
  • Small basin with warm water (or near by sink) to wash hands
  • 1 fire pot
  • 1 wooden base
  • 1 large box of matches
  • 2 cotton hand towels


 While ghee is cooking, close the eyes and listen to the soothing 
sounds of ghee boiling.

Mother advises that there are 5 distinct stages of sounds through which the ghee travels as it comes to fruition: 

 1st –tingling sensation in the body/mind as the foam rises to the surface 
 2nd-sound of rain falling on a tin roof as air bubbles will begin to burst 
 3rd –sound of rainfall disappearing as foam settles to the bottom of pot 
 4th –sound of a gurgling brook-as ghee negotiates final passage 
 5th-silence of the cosmos as the boiling ghee ends its journey


  • Melt butter in saucepan over low flame
  • Heat until it boils gently
  • Note a buff colored foam rise to the surface
  • Do not stir or remove foam (this would result in “clarified butter”)
  • Allow ghee to cook gently until foam thickens & settles to bottom, sediment
  • Ghee is done when turns golden color & boils silently with only trace of air bubbles
  • When cooled, pour liquid into jar
  • Make certain not to collect sediment in jar
  • Offer food to Agni (Fire Deity responsible for digestion and mental assimilation) while reciting the Wise Earth Prayer of Gratitude.

Food Offering & Prayer first before tasting or imbibing the food

For further information please reference: 
The following works by Swamini Mayatitananda (formally Maya Tiwari): Ayurveda: A Life of Balance

Wise Earth School Reserved Copyright © 2006

Have a go at making your own ghee

You can get raw milk from several places now in the Uk, as on the group page for suggestions. 
If you are unable to buy raw milk, ensure that you get organic milk. 
Ghee is made from cows milk and is not vegan.

Linda Bretherton

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