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In Ayurveda, Rasayana is about rejuvenation, in ancient times the great sages of health and wellbeing collaborated with nature and created formulas that would enable humans to live a long, healthy and more importantly in this context a way to bring rejuvenation to the body and mind. 

Even thousands of years ago man was searching for everlasting life and of ways to prolong life and keep youthful. In its purest sense Rasayana is about keeping us healthy and rejuvenated in the most holistic way available naturally.

Other interpretations say that its a 'practical reversal of the aging process. In the main Dhatus (tissues) on the body rasa deals with the maintenance of health, its actually place a major part in the food we eat and rasa is also considered the vital fluid that is transformed from the food we eat. It brings nourishment, it carries off toxins, it enhances our immunity. Rasa looks a lot like what modern physiology calls lymph and plasma.

I love that idea, at 67 years old at the time of writing this, I love that there are always opportunities for me to keep as youthful in my body and my mind. Rasayana offers this opportunity.

Rasayana chikitsa (rejuvenation) is one of the eight original branches Āyurveda.

The Sanskrit word rasa has various meanings: "taste“, “essence", "flavor”, “juice”, or “emotion", but is not limited to any of these. In the context of Āyurveda, rasa denotes the preservation, transformation, and replenishment of energy. 
The word ayana also has various meanings; here it connotes “to increase” or “to circulate”. Thus, we can understand a rasayana substance as one which will increase and promote the circulation of the vital essence or juices of life. Institue of Ayurveda Medicine 

Rasa is the most life-giving of the main 7 Dhatus ( tissues) in our body, without it we shrivel and die. Rasa nourishes our body, strengthens natural immunity and helps maintain the body and mind in equilibrium.

Rasayana shastra (education) teaches us about the herbs and spices the preparations and behaviors that promote a youthful state of physical and mental health and sustains clarity and happiness.

Most of what I write about in this membership is to encourage you to practice Rasayana processes, take Rasayana herb formulas and to live your life through a Rasayana rejuvenating mind and body set.

We all know that as we get older everything slows down, our metabolism, our skin renewal, our bowels system, our eyesight, dryness, wrinkles, you get the picture! Its what we already see and know.

The way of Rasayana is to restore and maintain the vital fluids in our bodies.
Restoring our health and vitality, helping us to keep as youthful as possible.

Now, thats good news isn't it?

Rasayana therapies are the best antidotes to stress, Rasayana therapy is a holistic approach to rejuvenation, herbs, spices, food, and practices that help to restore youth, and bring about balance within the body. 

Rasayana is about Rejuvenating Specifically


This is achieved by specific things -

  • Dinacharya - Daily Routine
  • Rutucharya - Seasonal Routines
  • Rasayana Focussed Retreats/Learning
  • Rasayana Foods and Drinks
  • Specific Oils for Face
  • Specific Oils for Body
  • Rasayana Practices for the Dhatus & Cells
  • Rasayana Practices for the Orifices
  • Rasayana Herbal Formulas
  • Attention to Dosha Balancing
  • Eliminating Ama
  • Encouraging Ojas
  • Igniting Agni
  • Purification Practices
  • Panchakarma

Most importantly it's a commitment that we make to ourselves to keep us youthful in body and mind.

Rasayana has been recommended for thousands of years and is still as efficient and effective in today's world, in fact probably more now than ever.





Linda Bretherton

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