Ayurveda the Cause of All Disease. Part 1

Ayurveda the Cause of All Disease. Part 1

Sense Overload

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Ayurveda sees many reasons for a disease but states 3 main areas. This is part 1.


Ayurveda reminds us that dis ease arises for an aggravation of one or all the doshas. We should remember that our true nature comes from what Ayurveda calls our Prakruti which means our ' true nature', what we were born as, we all know that as we grow older our bodies changes and so does our thinking, behaviour which all depends on our upbringing, the food we eat, age, environment etc.  

Dosha imbalances

But according to Ayurveda our Prakruti never changes we remain authentic to our nature throughout life. What happens is that our Prakruti which is composed of the three doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha which are a combination of the 5 elements of Ether, air, Fire, Water & Earth, become affected by what we eat, what we learn and environmental issues. And although our Prakruti remains unchanged it is hidden by the effects of the imbalanced dosha.

Ayurveda gives us the reasons for imbalance

Reason 1

Sense Overload

Our senses, sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste are the ways in which we navigate the world, it is how we are able to experience and understand the world. Life 'experiences' itself through these senses.

Abuse of the senses is a large part of helping to create disease in our lives.


Taste is probably the most abused sense of all, the food we eat as a major impact on our lives. Everyone knows that unhealthy food leads to an unhealthy body, yet all the knowledge that we are given does not stop this abuse of the body. Advertising, psychological issue, habits and addictions have added to this problem. Ayurveda shows us that when we taste fresh organic food, the body reacts with healthy responses and this adds to building our immune system. 


The chemicals that are used in perfumes, deodorants, cleaning equipment and chemical preservatives that are added to food also have an effect on our smell. Smell is a powerful sense and humans have lost the capacity to use it effectively.

You can improve this sense by practicing using it, diluted essential oils can be helpful. Simply put a drop on a cloth and practice renewing your sense of smell. Also in nature go for a walk and stop to smell the different leaves and the areas that you walk through. Begin to tune into this sense.


Listening to loud music, high voices, loud TV all add to the noise pollution that we are experiencing. When I was in Tiruvannamalai in Indian I thought I would go mad with the noise of the traffic, honking horns incessantly, it really made me feel unwell. Imagine what this must be like every day, people say that they adapt in the environment and this is true, but it still does not alter the effects that this has on our health and well being.   

If you work or live somewhere noisy you would be mindful to take some time out for quiet and find an area where you can rest your ears.


This is an interesting one which many people do not consider with their senses, our skin is the largest organ of our body and benefits from lots of self-care. Touch by self-massage is important as Ayurveda makes clear. The clothes we wear also touch large areas of our skin, we all know how if feels to have beautiful fabric that makes us feel better. As a Pitta type, I love to feel soft kinds of cotton and linens and love natural bedding. 

The opposite can create disharmony which creates disease in the body, harsh, too cold or too hot things that we come into contact with and of course using chemicals for our bodies, makeup and hair will all play a part in our health.


 Some people are more sensitive to others regarding light and if exposed to too much light it adds another dimension to impair our immune system. If our bodies experience discomfort this causes parts of our sympathetic system to react in a negative way, in turn, this affects our immune system.

Too much TV with pictures of violence, cruelty, horror is seen every day on our screens be willing to turn off and give your eyes a blessed rest.

Take in scenes of natural beauty, this is what your eyes will benefit most from.

This site covers much more on each sense if you want to know more type into the search area.

Linda Bretherton

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