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Ayurveda & Rasayana 18th of July 2019

Rasayana Focus on Breath

Rasayana Focus on Breath. Rasayana is simple terms means rejuvenation ... its an ancient set of practices in relation to Rasayana herbs that keeps the body, and mind youthful.

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Ayurveda & Rasayana 13th of July 2019

Ayurveda Menopause & Each Dosha

Ayurveda Menopause & Each Dosha. You will experience different symptoms depending on your body constitution.

Ayurveda & Rasayana 3rd of July 2019

Agni and Ama Ayurveda Digestive System

Ayurveda has described an important factor of digestion and metabolism in our body as Agni I like to describe it at the fire in the belly. Agni is what Ayurveda describes as the digestive fire and metabolic process of transforming food into nourishment.

Ayurveda & Rasayana 28th of June 2019

Sadhana of Ghee

Sadhana of Ghee. Written and prepared by Mother Maya, this is the most comprehensive instructions for making ghee in the way of Sadhana.

Ayurveda & Rasayana 10th of May 2019

How to stay hydrated in scorching summer heat

Written by our online expert Dr Arya who describes the Ayurveda way to keep hydrated during the summer months. We might not have the same heat here in the UK, but we can always learn for hot climates and holidays when we visit other countries.

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Ayurveda & Rasayana 9th of May 2019

Kasti Basti for Back Pain

Almost everyone at some point of life might have experienced a low back pain that may travel downward into the buttocks and into one or both lower extremities. What is the cause of low back pain?

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Ayurveda & Rasayana 30th of December 2018

Ayurveda Foundations/ Air Meditation

Every living thing is composed of these elements. These five elements are within all living things in the form of vital energies that can fluctuate according to our state of balance as individuals and the seasons of nature, thus affecting health. We consist of trillions of cells that themselves contain the same ingredients as every other living thing.

Ayurveda & Rasayana 30th of December 2018

Ayurveda Foundations/Ether Meditation

It is one of the oldest forms of healing the world has known, with its origins dating back 5000 years to the Vedic sages who lived that part of the Asian subcontinent now known as India and is one of the most profound health practices in the world.

Ayurveda & Rasayana 19th of October 2018

Ayurveda and the Ekadashi Fast by Pooja

Everyone that comes to this site will have read at the least about fasting and detoxing, here Pooja describes her experience with fasting and what the Ekadashi fast is all about this fast correlates to the Lunar Cycle. Pooja reminds us that the term “Ekadashi” translates to eleven.

Ayurveda & Rasayana 19th of October 2018

Are you Eating the Right Way? by Pooja

Are you Eating the Right Way? Drop the Fork and Use your Hands. Ayurveda has always practiced the art of eating with your fingers. The ancient tradition of eating food with the hands comes from mudra practices. Mudras are used during meditation and are hand movements and pose used in yoga and other healing practices along with chanting.

Ayurveda & Rasayana 2nd of October 2018

Ayurveda and Vibrational healing by Dr Arya

In the stressful modern world, more and more people are turning to nature to find healing. Called Vibrational Medicine, or Vibrational Healing, this actually is a centuries-old practice, performed in different traditions.

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Ayurveda & Rasayana 7th of July 2018

Ayurveda Essential Documents

Ayurveda Essential Documents. Contains: Short Dosha Questionnaire. Extra Dosha Characteristics. The Doshas & the Five Elements. Dosha Food Chart

Ayurveda & Rasayana 24th of May 2018

How Ayurveda Understands Fibromyalgia

The amazing healing powers of Ayurveda has been around the globe for many years. We used the power of nature to bring our body and mind in balance to counteract, prevent, and eliminate the sickness of body and mind. All of those is in a natural or organic way. But sometimes there are sickness or disorders that there is no cure. However, Ayurveda has a way to help you control the symptoms. One disorder that we are going to talk about is Fibromyalgia.

Ayurveda & Rasayana 23rd of May 2018

Dinacharya, Early to Rise

Dinacharya, Early to Rise. Dinacharya says that each day two cycles of change occur, that correlate with the Ayurvedic concept of dosha. Routines covered by dinacharya include: waking time, elimination, hygiene, massage, exercise, bathing, meditation and prayer, meals, study, work, relaxation and sleeping

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Ayurveda & Rasayana 10th of April 2018

What is Ayurveda?

What is Ayurveda? Directly translated means ‘The Science of Life’ It's one of the oldest forms of healing the world has known with its origins dating back seven thousand years, yet is still relatively unknown in the UK. Ayurveda is a system of medicine and a philosophy for living in harmony with nature.

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Ayurveda & Rasayana 9th of April 2018

A Simple Description of Panchakarma Purification & Rejuvenation

A Simple Description of Panchakarma Purification & Rejuvenation. Panchakarma is a powerful and fundamental treatment for deep-rooted diseases and attention must be paid to before and aftercare. Panchakarma treatment according to Ayurveda is said to eradicate or eliminate the disease in the affected Dosha’s.

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Ayurveda & Rasayana 8th of April 2018

Herbs for Spring allergies - An Ayurveda Perspective.

Herbs for Spring allergies - An Ayurveda Perspective. The doctor is in the house! Read through carefully and gain a better understanding of which herbs and spices can help with knowing more about Spring Allergies. If you need to ask questions, go to our Facebook page and ask there, we will try to help. Remeber that this is an educational site and you should consult a professional if you have health concerns.

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Ayurveda & Rasayana 26th of March 2018

Ayurveda Rasayana Herbal Facial Steams

Ayurveda Rasayana Herbal Facial Steams. Face steaming is another Ayurveda ancient beauty practice for a healthy looking skin. Steams are one of the oldest ways that people have used to cleanse the body, skin and mind.

Ayurveda & Rasayana 7th of March 2018

Love My Belly

Love My Belly. Ayurveda encourages us to massage the belly area. Many people do not think about or understand the importance of massaging, loving and caring for the abdominal area.

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Ayurveda & Rasayana 27th of February 2018

Ayurveda the Cause of All Disease. Part 1

Ayurveda the Cause of All Disease. Ayurveda sees many reasons for a disease but states 3 main areas. This is part 1.

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