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Ayurveda Natural Beauty Nine Wk Programme Ubtan Wk 1

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Masoor Dhal & Fruit Enzyme Ubtan Wk 1

This ubtan contains masoor dhal which is commonly called red lentils and fruits and dried fruits like orange peel, figs, pomegranate, and grapefruit all these ingredients work together to bring you a potent active ubtan. This potion is likely to get your skin tingling, so be aware and if it starts to sting rather than a tingle.


Nut Ubtan Nourishing and Moisturising Wk 1

Nutty Ubtan Face Pack is most effective for dry skin, so its great for Vata as well using during the winter season as it naturally nourishes and moisturises the skin. I made this for a client who has really dry skin during the summer and I mixed it will a couple of teaspoons of aloe vera gel to help with soothing and cooling the skin.


Ingredients for Vedic Ubtan Wk 1

With more unusual ingredients, to improve circulation, cleanse impurities, sooth the skin and bring a glow to the face. Simple ways to mix ingredients.

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The Glowing Glory of Ubtan Wk 1

Ingredients used for Ancient Ubtans Vedic Perspective, ‘Ubtan’ in itself means local application, which is a body application used for the beautification of the body, dating back to the remotest antiquity and is the legacy of the rich Indian Heritage.


Simple Oatmeal Ubtan Wk 1

The skin, or in this instance the facial skin has to deal with lots of environmental toxins each day. Our own sweat and waste that oozes from our skin on a daily basis attract dirt and toxins that contribute to bacteria in the skin. Good quality cleansing will help to remove grime and leave the skin refreshed.

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Nine Week Ayurveda Natural Beauty Intro

Ayurveda encourages us to take extra care of our skin. Ayurvedic tells us to cultivate glowing skin and a sense of inner balance, we should focus on a daily routine called 'dinacharya' this follows some basic Ayurveda guidelines. Full Dinacharya routines are found on the site in its own section.

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We Begin with Ubtan Wk 1

It is thought that Ubtan might have been the very first cosmetic that was created to cleanse and purify the skin. Traditionally the Vedic Scriptures amongst many other potions would create and use Ubtan to offer deep skin cleanings, nourishment, protection and to enhance the appearance of the skin.

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