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Ayurveda Beauty Wk 6 Masks

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Wk 6 Ayurveda Beauty Masks 23rd of November 2018

Kapha Skin & Face Masks Wk 6

Kapha skin is oilier than the other 2 types. Characteristics are cool, moonlike, oily, large pores, prone to acne, blackheads, deep wrinkles and tans easily. Kapha is concerned with earth and water and governs structure, bodily stability, lubrication and cell structure.

Wk 6 Ayurveda Beauty Masks 21st of November 2018

Pitta Skin & Masks Wk 6

The Pitta skin will be warmer than the other two types. Characteristics of the Pitta skin are, warm, reddish, glowing with larger pores in the T zone. Pitta skin will burn easily and be prone to skin allergies and irritations. Pitta is concerned with Fire & Water and governs the body's balance of chemical and transforming energies.

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Wk 6 Ayurveda Beauty Masks 31st of October 2018

Vata Skin & Masks Wk 6

Vata skin will always suffer more than others in colder windy weather, but always being mindful of your Vata skin is important. So it’s important to choose skin care and recipes that are more hydrating than drying.

Wk 6 Ayurveda Beauty Masks 29th of October 2018

Ayurveda Face Masks Wk 6

Facial masks help to get rid of the dead skin cells and give back the refreshing and glowing skin. Especially if you’re using all natural products and if you are using the right facial mask according to your dosha.

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