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Ayurveda its Origins

What are the origins of Ayurveda? This article is a brief introduction to these origins. There are many interpretations and opinions on this, I've tried to offer some interesting information and looked at some of the ancient Ayurveda texts


Love My Belly

Love My Belly. Ayurveda encourages us to massage the belly area. Many people do not think about or understand the importance of massaging, loving and caring for the abdominal area.

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So Yummy Orange & Tamari Tofu Rice Bowl

This is a yummy rice bowl and I have made it as best I can so that all doshas can eat it, but sometimes rather than avoid compromising the taste mix we have it only on the odd occasion, but it's very delicious.

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Ayurveda the Cause of All Disease. Part 1

Ayurveda the Cause of All Disease. Ayurveda sees many reasons for a disease but states 3 main areas. This is part 1.

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Ayurveda Rasayana Herbal Facial Steams

Ayurveda Rasayana Herbal Facial Steams. Face steaming is another Ayurveda ancient beauty practice for a healthy looking skin. Steams are one of the oldest ways that people have used to cleanse the body, skin and mind.


Samskaras What Are They?

Samskaras What Are They? Psychology puts great influence on our past behaviour and patterns from our childhood and life experiences.


Stimulating Therapeutic Bath Ritual with Rosemary

Stimulating Therapeutic Bath Ritual with Rosemary. The description of a stimulating effect would be one that helps to invigorate the body and mind


Therapeutic Svedhana Using Ginger

Therapeutic Svedhana Using Ginger. The term “Swedhana” is used in Ayurvedic treatments to describe treatments which involve sweating.

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Rasayana Tea 1

Rasayana Tea 1. There are lots of Rasayana tea recipes this is just one of them.

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Ayurveda Menopause & Each Dosha

Ayurveda Menopause & Each Dosha. You will experience different symptoms depending on your body constitution.

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Rasayana Overview

Rasayana Overview. Understanding the concepts of Rasayana. In Ayurveda, Rasayana is about rejuvenation

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Ayurveda and the Menopause

Ayurveda and the Menopause. For over 5000 years, Ayurveda has acknowledged that the menopause is a natural transition.


Warming Oat, Chocolate and Banana Breakfast

One common combination that can challenge our digestive capabilities is yogurt and fruit. This pairing can impair the digestive fire and create ama. Ayurveda tells us that mixing yoghurt with fruit is challenging to our digestive system and should really be eaten separately, of course, we now have the advantage of non-dairy yoghurt which is less problematic.

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Vata Dosha Dinner - Sweet Potato Subji

Vata Dosha Dinner - Sweet Potato Subji. Subji has a variety of names, but simply means a variety of vegetables cooked with spices, when we look at making subji for our specific dosha, we can choose from the vegetables and spices that are advantageous to us.

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Warming Carrot, Ginger and Cumin Soup

Warming Carrot, Ginger and Cumin Soup. This soup has all the ingredients needed for a great healthy soup with a natural diuretic effect.

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Pesto Made with Spinach

The benefits of spinach are many. I really like using different leaves for making pesto, this one uses the abundant spinach leaves that are full of great benefits. I personally love this as a spread on toasted sourdough bread and topped with avocado and cherry tomatoes.


Ayurveda Ginger & Chili Mushroom Bowl

Ayurveda dishes are based on simple, easy, nutritious ingredients, all with a herb or spicy accent. Spicy food raises your body temperature, you can warm up with these healthy and easy to prepare spicy veggie recipes

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Delicious Ayurveda Sweet Rice, Rocket & Mushrooms

This is a simple, delicious and a great purifying dish as it's easy to digest and it brings a sattvic, comforting quality to the body. Its really easy to make and you can add other ingredients if you like.


Quick Three Veggies in Spicy Sauce

A deliciously quick recipe that most people will enjoy, it's slightly off the Ayurveda track, but take care of your doshas and adapt to your constitution.

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So Simple Bulgur Tabbouleh with Aromatic Herbs

This Easy Bulgur Tabbouleh is full of fresh herbs you can add lots of different veggies. It's a quick easy meal. Bulgur wheat is a nourishing and lovely grain to make into a variety of dishes, for example, a delicious breakfast porridge can be found here. This is a great recipe to calm Vata dosha.

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